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  • Before you travel, check this out!

    Greetings from Kuala Lumpur.
    *This is a personal review and recommendations

    I'm here to share my experience with a new found website that I used for this trip >>

    Recently I've made a 7-days business trip to Tokyo, Japan
    Before I started travelling, an idea came up to me: BEAUTY TREATMENT.

    So i started looking for a website that could aid my searching like how I would do for hotel/tickets booking and I came across Trambellir. Not only they have provided me the list of clinics I could choose for the treatments, they offer the convenient booking method that I could choose my packages and make the payment straight by PayPal. It was my first time going for beauty treatments in other countries and I was impressed by how the website is specially made for just medical trips oversea.

    With my privilege of having 2 days off from work, I purchased two packages from them: 1. High concentration vitamin C IV drip infusion; 2. Hyaluronic acid (filler) for lips.
    The first package helps to heal me from being a constant fatigue person; the second package is for my own satisfaction in the to-do list. I've always wanted my lips to look fuller like A.J.

    The first 5 days was all about work, work and more work. Finally the 6th day arrived; I got up early and was ready to leave for the lip filling treatment. The clinic was nice and worth the money I've paid for. Treatment took just 30 minutes to complete everything and was neatly done with no unexpected complications. The next day I went for the iv drip infusion, figured that I really needed it to restore my energy before I get back to the workload waiting up for me back in Malaysia.

    It was not the first time I went to Japan, but it was my first time decided to actually go for the beauty treatment. I would say I was impressed by the trip and wished that I could've realized earlier how amazing it felt to take my days off and go for the treatments on a business trip.

    For the next trip I'll definitely be using Trambellir again to book for the treatments and I will update my reviews in places I will be visiting. For those who look for more in a trip, for example beauty treatments like how I did, you can go to for more info. With Trambellir available for the plannings, I can guarantee you'll never feel lost in countries you've never been to ever again.