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Bad review Octopus Resort di Fiji Island

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  • Bad review Octopus Resort di Fiji Island

    Penting untuk kte check out review2 orang sebelum ke mana2 destinasi atau penginapan supaya kite tak terkena atau mengalami pengalaman2 buruk.

    So sambil2 check out beberapa tempat, terbaca bad review pasal Octopus Resort ni. Kesian diaorg sampai food poisoning.

    Ni jadi tahun 2008..dah lama la tp bad review still a bad review. Just sharing kat sini utk pembacaan bersama.

    My fiance and I travelled to Octopus Resort for a short stop over on the way to Canada. We were suppose to spend 3 nights at Octopus but had to cut our trip short.

    Upon arriving at Octopus Resort I was initially very pleased. The resort was beautiful, well maintained and the staff seemed very friendly and helpful. We were impressed with our garden Bure which was very tidy and thought the open-roof shower was pretty cool. Most of our meals at Octopus Resort were wonderful and we were very happy with the variety of food available.

    We found the staff at Octopus Resort to be very nice at first but began realising the cold manner in which some of them displayed towards guests. When the spotlight was on them they were friendly and helpful but when it came down to it, it seemed as if the tourists were more of an annoyance to them then anything else.

    This was only a minor set back however. It wasn't until the second night of our trip that things turned ugly. If I can remember correctly the theme for dinner that night was curry. It wasn't until a few hours after dinner that my fiance and I began feeling violently ill. We spent the entire night awake, sick as dogs, experiencing severe food poisoning. Upon speaking with staff in the morning we were brushed off saying it was a 'confined incident' and that 'it was probably just a bug as a result of many tourists at one place'. No one offered us any assistance. We were so sick we could hardly walk. Not one staff member asked us if anything was wrong or offered to help us.

    Fed up with this lack of service and responsibility we decided to catch the next boat back to Nadi, we were flying out the next day and wanted to recover on the main island and perhaps seek some medical attention or tablets. We were told we would not recieve a refund and at this point we didn't care- we just wanted out of there! Lucky we got out early because as all this was happening a catagory 4 cyclone (may have been a 3) was headed right for the Yasawa Group of Islands. The staff didn't tell anyone this was happening (probably in an attempt to have them stuck on the island so they would spend money). We were furious that they had kept this cyclone a secret. If we had not caught this last boat we would have missed our flight because no boats would be operating for the next 3 days at least due to high winds and weather!

    On our way back to Nadi we spoke to some other guests of Octopus Resort. They told us that several people at their table has been food poisoned and half of the people in the budget accommodation were poisoned too.

    I suggest if you are planning on travelling to Fiji, go to another resort. If you stay at Octopus- don't eat the food and don't go during cyclone season!