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Seoul vs Osaka

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  • Seoul vs Osaka

    Kalau u ols, mane yang u ols pilih? Activity..theme park, sightseeing..interesting places..hahaha..definitely, tix to osaka is higher than seoul..that one tolak tepi dulu..yang pentingane yang the best?

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    I found this answer from someone else..

    I have been to both Seoul and Tokyo, so here is my opinion (feel free to take with a grain of salt).

    Tokyo has a lot more attractions to see, compared to Seoul. You can easily go with two weeks in Tokyo and still have items on your bucket list to see. It’s much nicer for solo travellers too (however Seoul is still great for solo travellers). Near Tokyo you can go to Yokohama, Saitama, Chiba by a train ride.

    On the other hand with Seoul, you still have a lot of attractions to see. From what I’ve gathered, most people will spend around one week in Seoul and get bored thereafter. That might differ from person to person (since I personally like Seoul better). You can head to Incheon or go to the DMZ by train ride if you wish.

    If money is an issue then Seoul would be much better for your wallet, since your money will stretch further. In Seoul, meals costs ₩7,000–8,000 (US$7 - $8), compared to Tokyo where you will usually fork out around ¥900-¥1,000 (US$9.10-$10.20). Entertainment, transportation (Seoul Metro, buses and taxi) would be much cheaper in Seoul.

    Food is highly subjective. If you love spicy food then definitely opt for Seoul. However if your tastes are lighter then Tokyo is the way to go. Both cities have abundance of seafood due to being close off to the shore. You can’t go wrong with either Tsukiji Fish Market or Noryangjin Fish Market.

    If you’re into culture, then I’d argue that Tokyo is better (for people who are not biased to Japan or Korea), due to it’s offerings of anime and what not. However if you’re into Korean pop then obviously Seoul. Funnily enough, people fly over to Seoul just to see BTS perform.

    I’d say give both a shot. You can’t go wrong with either. I remember I visited Tokyo first in 2015. Liked it. Then I visited Seoul in 2017 and I liked it more. Felt more technologically advanced too.



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      Maybe can be a guide for you to choose the place..gud luck!


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        Nampak macam 2 negara ni ade banyak persamaan..currency exchangge pun lebih kurang


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          next year, im in going. main salji.


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            kalau saya nak pegi 2-2 sekali haha..Osaka of cos memang lama dah mengidam


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              Originally posted by backpacker View Post
              kalau saya nak pegi 2-2 sekali haha..Osaka of cos memang lama dah mengidam