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Top Picks from Euro BUDGET Trip ;)

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  • Top Picks from Euro BUDGET Trip ;)

    Hey guys, back home after a trip to Europe and I wanted to share with you guys my top recommended list of things to do in Europe (my fave restaurants, hotels & tips!!!) I have been travelling as a solo female traveller. Am in my mid 40's and I like a cheap deal so only budget travel for me Only AirBnBs & cheap hotels as well as 100% public transport. When I travel I try and do off the beaten track things (as well as cultural sights etc) but I try to live like a local. I hope you guys like my suggestions! I love to go back every year so if you have your own tips, pls discuss! It wasn't a super long trip but still I hope you enjoy!

    • My absolute top two places in London were Camden and Covent Garden! I planned an itinerary from here and here but I mainly just spent my time round the market in Camden and watching street performers in Covent Garden. (Try the Halloumi fries from the market!)
    • Also, I read on Crazy Tourist to go to the Hampstead Heath park and it was lovely! They have a females only section and some ponds to swim in which were great in this weather (I wouldn’t recommend going in winter)
    • My final evening I spent on a lovely cruise on the Thames (I booked it through this website which was great for my budget!)
    Addresses to try (+tips) in MADRID:
    • PAJARITOS MOJADO - a lovely casual place, cheap food and great ambience!
    • CHOCOLATERIA SAN GINES - they do these lovely traditional chocolate churros which were amazing!
    • Metro system for travel - very handy and cheap! I didn’t need it a lot in the centre as things are very close together but when I did need it I read how to use it on here!
    • POSADA DEL DRAGÓN BOUTIQUE HOTEL - lovely boutique hotel I stayed in!
    • Ofcourse the MUSEO DEL PRADO! Very nice!! Great info on here.
    • One of the things I tried in Amsterdam was raw herring dipped in onions - it sounds weird but it was very tasty! I’m not lying it's a tradition!! I read about it here.
    • I stayed in the beautiful Jordaan area of Amsterdam! Highly recommend!
    • The Vondelpark, cycling and the flower market were perfect!! I tried to do as many things as I could from here.
    • And of course the chocolate covered waffles were amazing!!
    • Anauco was a lovely burger restaurant I ate in that I will recommend to you! I can see why their reviews are so good!
    • The Museo Picasso was my favourite thing from the trip overall! I am a huge fan of his work and so glad I got to see some of my favourites in person. If you are planning to visit you can find info about it on here or on their website.
    • And on the last night of the trip I spent it doing a tour on a rooftop terrace at La Pedrera!! (Very picturesque way to end the trip)
    Hope you guys enjoyed my recommendations and let me know about any other suggestions! Feel free to ask questions as well. - Grace

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    Hi Grace,How much your total spent for the trip?


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      Originally posted by backpacker View Post
      Hi Grace,How much your total spent for the trip?
      I would say I budgeted between €50 - 80/day. So about, RM300/day. I spent 10 days there in total. I got a pretty good flight deal with Qatar Airways - was only RM2,400 flying into Paris return-trip. And for the travel within Europe, I took buses and also cheap flights with airlines like Ryan Air & Easy Jet! All in all, I spent RM5,400 - 6,000.


      • #4 is really cheap.


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          park for future reference. Thanks ParisLiving