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  • Gambar Travel terlalu banyak ?

    How to Clear Your Travel Photos – the Spark Joy Way

    29 January 2019 - Travel 360 Magazine
    Words: Irvin Hanni

    It is the year 2019. We don’t have flying skateboards yet. But an egg bested Kylie Jenner as the most liked post on Instagram, and a lot of people happily shared snapshots of their misguided youth to join in the #10yearschallenge fun.

    And yet all these viral stories can’t hold a candle against Marie Kondo of the House KonMari – First of Her Name, the Unmessy, Queen of Life-Changing Magic, Khaleesi of Clothes Folding, Breaker of Clutter, and Mother of Spark Joy.

    The tiny mogul who created an impressive empire based on her love for decluttering and organising.

    Though not new (she has sold over 11 million books and was in Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People list in 2015), Marie Kondo’s world domination has ascended one level thanks to the Netflix series Tidying Up.

    To help people reorganise their homes (and subsequently life), Kondo asks them to apply the now-iconic question “Does it spark joy?” to all their belongings before deciding whether to keep or chuck. The phrase is so catchy it is now a front runner to be included in the classic mantra wall of fame alongside ‘May the force be with you’, ‘Hakuna Matata’, and ‘I’ll be back’.

    Dubbed as the KonMari, Kondo’s organising method was heavily influenced by her Japanese upbringing and Shinto roots. In Shintoism, it is believed that all matters have a spiritual essence, and therefore this ancient religion preaches love and respect towards all creations.

    In other words, it’s totally alright to talk to your things once in a while. Greet hello. Give thanks. Say goodbye.

    The KonMari method has also spawned countless memes and parodies.

    What’s sweet is, you can apply the KonMari method to pretty much any and every aspect of your life. Not just clothes, books and kitchenware but also toxic friends, the workplace, ex-boyfriends, your desktop, and perhaps one day, the entire Kardashian squad.

    For hardcore jetsetters who are always scouring AirAsiafor cheap flights, here’s a gentle reminder to KonMari all your travel photos too. Because Lord knows your phone frequently runs out of memory, and then you have to delete other apps like Bitmoji or My Talking Tom to clear space.

    Is this what your Image Gallery looks like? It’s not healthy.

    Here’s the delicate step-by-step on how to KonMari your travel photos:

    Step 1:

    Open Image Gallery. 40,000 images and 10,000 videos to clear? Take a deep breath – you can (and totally should) do this.

    Step 2:

    Create photo albums according to categories. Travel, Food, Cats, Family, Friends, Selfies (which should have the least number of items inside). Feel free to add personalised categories such as Singapore July 2015 or Bangkok April 2017 as needed. Do the same for videos too. Compartmentalising is much easier when you want to show your friends the cute doggo you made friends with in Bali.

    Step 3:

    Go back to Image Gallery and start scrolling. Look at ALL photos. Do you really need 35 shots of the same you in front of the Balinese gate? Reflect on this. Saving those for a #throwbackthursday, you say? Try to remember the last time you did that. Or did you ever?

    Step 4:

    Ask “DOES THIS SPARK JOY?” for each and every picture . Close your eyes. Reimagine the colours, the sounds, the smells of your surroundings when you posed for that picture. Do you remember the joy of being in that place, or do you remember other tourists giving you a stink eye because you were taking too long?

    Step 5:

    Move all those that spark joy into folders accordingly. Let’s try to have no more than one image of the same thing, even if you think one pic successfully captures your hair fabulously blowing in the wind or another one brings out the best cheekbones you’ve ever had. If the background is the same, one is enough.

    Step 6:

    Delete the rest. Remember to thank the pictures before you delete them. Pictures have feelings too, even digital ones.

    Step 7:

    Look through the albums one more time. Relive your travel memories the way it happened, not by how on point your outfit was in the pictures. Feel the sublime joy of decluttering. Your phone memory sure is.

    What’s next? Be more mindful on your travels. Savour the moment and snap photos to capture the joy of being there, not for the likes.

    It’s not just travel photos. It’s whatever our vices are. Foodies and the pretty things they eat, gym bros and their massively sculpted biceps, make-up junkies and their wide-eyed selfies, or music enthusiasts and blurry concert pics. Let’s not get started with cat people.

    The list goes on. Marie Kondo all that you need to. Let your smartphone feel the joy of this life-changing magic.

    On the next episode of KonMari this KonMari that: your photo folders on the computer.

  • #2
    bagus konsep dia. itulah yg sepatutnya. jangan jadi hoaders. terlalu banyak baggage yang akan drag kita.

    boleh apply kat mcm2 area of living.


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      Sama dengan barang barang lain , Marie Kondo’s “Does it spark joy? dah viral haha ... jangan buat kat suami - isteri dah la ea ..


      • #4
        sungguh mengujakan..power of changing life


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          Originally posted by BeruangKutub View Post
          Sama dengan barang barang lain , Marie Kondo’s “Does it spark joy? dah viral haha ... jangan buat kat suami - isteri dah la ea ..
 kadang2 perlu juga...sbb bnyak kes ssh nak letgo / move forward terutama kes2 domestic violence


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            bagus konsep ni..banyak org suka simpan barang, tapi tak guna pun. last2 bertimbun dalam stor hihi


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              Famous dah ye perempuan ni..apply to all aspect of living...hmmm macam2 jadi nya..