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  • KL to Singapore

    I'm going on a road trip from the KL area to Singapore for the weekend. I'm excited to see more of the coast, and excited to travel overall. I've never been to Singapore so it will be really nice to visit there. Have you ever been on a road trip in Southeast Asia, and what are some cool things to see on the trip?

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    You can ride a train from KL to Sg. You can also ride a bus. It's just 5-6 hrs rode trip. I did a night trip to save a night in hotel


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      Hey. Cambodia, Laos,Thailand definitely a great stop while you're in south east Asia.I've been twice and loved it both times! The first time, I traveled alone all over Thailand and again in 2008 on a photo tour. We only went to Burma for a few hours (walked in from Mai Sai) - I want to go back for more time, and definitely want to spend more time in Laos and Cambodia.


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        I loved Singapore. It's one of my favourite places in Asia