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    The Best of Bintulu, Borneo’s Hidden Gem

    Located on the coast of Sarawak, Bintulu is not your typical tourist getaway – its laid-back vibe will leave you feeling rejuvenated with an array of some of Borneo’s best natural attractions and cuisine.

    Here are some attractions that you can enjoy in Bintulu.

    Pantai Temasya Tanjung Batu

    This beach is a great place to relax and bask in Bintulu’s colourful sunsets. There are various food stalls around the area that sell local delicacies such as Rojak Sotong and Air Batu Campur. This is also a popular place for family picnics, and you will find many locals doing exactly that on the weekends.

    However, swimming is not recommended at this beach because of the extremely strong current.

    Pasar Tamu

    Pasar Tamu is a must-visit food market in the heart of Bintulu. If you are looking for an authentic food experience, this is the place to be.

    Strolling through this market, you will find everything from fresh local produce such as fruits and vegetables, as well as exotic delicacies that are special to Borneo such as sago worms and chicken heads.

    Adventurous eaters can give these exotic delicacies a try!

    Tua Pek Kong

    Enjoy some zen time at this magnificent Buddhist temple. Built in the 1980s, Tua Pek Kong Temple is an important place of worship for the Chinese community in Bintulu.

    With its extravagant gold embellishments and dragon imagery, this temple is believed to have brought peace and prosperity to the town.

    Snap a memorable photo at one of the many Instagram-worthy photo spots here.

    Similajau National Park

    Similajau is located 30km out of Bintulu, a popular destination amidst a stretch of sandy beaches that is bordered by verdant forests. For the nature lovers, there are a number of hiking trails that you can follow, catered to your hiking capabilities. You will be rewarded with crystal-clear rock pools, suspended bridges and the sounds of wildlife.

    Turtle Beach is a commonly explored beach in this area. Between March and September, these turtles frequently come ashore to lay eggs, and witnessing this is always a beautiful experience. If you’re lucky, you may even spot a dolphin swimming here!

    Golden Beach

    Though this beach is a part of Similajau National Park, it deserves a spot as an attraction of its own. For the nature-lover, this is an option you will not want to miss. Though the hike to Golden Beach is long and strenuous, usually taking about six to eight hours, you will be rewarded with unspoiled nature and a beautiful beach with clear waters.

    There is also a high chance that you are able to spot turtles at Golden Beach. Overnight options are available along the trail if you want to break up the hike into two days.

    Borneo International Kite Festival

    Held every September at the Old Bintulu Airport, Borneo’s International Kite Festival started in 2005 and has been delighting families ever since.

    Competitive kite flyers flock here from all over the world to display their skill, and it is usually a exciting affair, especially for children. You will be able to see kites of all shapes and sizes, and all for free!

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      Menarik juga walaupun jarang dengar org pegi trip ke sana


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        Jangan lupa ye Nasi Lalapan Sambal Setan ...must try haha