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All the Food We Will Miss from the Kampung Bharu Ramadan Bazaar

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  • All the Food We Will Miss from the Kampung Bharu Ramadan Bazaar

    Source : Air Asia Travel 360 Magazine
    All the Food We Will Miss from the Kampung Bharu Ramadan Bazaar
    Published On:June 12, 2018
    By Win Win Chew

    All the Food We Will Miss from the Kampung Bharu Ramadan Bazaar

    During the month of Ramadan, bazaars spring up all over Malaysia late in the afternoon, catering to Muslims fasting during the day and looking to break the fast at sunset. These pasar (market) Ramadan sell a variety of takeaway food so enticing it’s hard not to feast after dark.

    Kampung Bharu in the capital’s city centre has one of the best known pasar Ramadan, fitting as it is a predominantly Malay area. Pasar Ramadan activity is now winding down because of the upcoming Eid, but if you haven’t gone this year, what I found on a quick stroll through the bazaar will make you want to go next year.
    This friendly pakcik (uncle) serves bubur lambuk, rice porridge traditionally served at mosques for free during Ramadan.

    The aroma of kebab kukus (steamed) stopped my feet from walking further.

    Not-to-be-missed delicacies from the East Coast, nasi dagang and ayam percik

    Ayam percik, grilled chicken barbecued in a sauce of coconut milk and a variety of spices

    A favourite street food amongst Malaysians, murtabak can easily be found in Ramadan bazaars.

    Pasembur is a Malaysian Indian salad from the north of the peninsula.

    Everything deep-fried: spring roll, karipap (curry puff) and meat roll.

    Abang Misai is happiest when grilling fish!

    Chicken, beef, squid or two of the above? These kunyit (turmeric) combinations are two meals in one.

    A pasar malam (night market) mainstay, grilled chicken wings

    The happy family behind Kebab Legend

    Rows of tents, smoke from the grill, and shoppers along Jalan Raja Alang

    This fruit stall receives spillover customers from the bazaar crowd.

    Chicken and rice combinations, such as nasi tomato with ayam masak merah and nasi ayam berempah, are takeaway staples.

    Enough fried rice and fried noodles to feed a kampung (village).

    Roti goreng McGyver, a fried meat bun, is one of the must-have specialties at the Kampung Bharu Ramadan bazaar.

    It’s hard to tell from here, but these are probably banana fritters buried under a thick layer of grated cheese.

    It is hard to make decisions at this kuih (cake) stall.

    Chocolate moist cake will satisfy every sweet tooth.

    Quench your thirst with pineapple juice and mango juice from this stall.
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