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    Kedah is among the oldest states in Malaysia with lots of ancient histories. Also known as the “Rice Bowl of Malaysia,” this city’s rice farm produces about half or more of the country’s rice. In addition to this, there are some interesting traditional stories surrounding the production of this food product.

    Kedah is uniquely and naturally beautified by lots of greenish vegetative products compared to other states in Malaysia. This state relies solely on the revenue generation of its industries and its various tourist centers.

    It is one of the most visited states by tourists and a place never to be missed by any visitor in Malaysia. This evergreen land is situated in the Northwestern part of the Peninsular in Malaysia, which is about 400 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur.

    There are lots of tourist attractive centers such as follows:
    Langkawi Beach

    State Art Gallery situated in Balai Seni Negeri

    Menara Alor Setar(tallest building in Kedah)
    Menara Alor Setar

    Nikradharam Buddhist Temple

    Masjid Zahir kedah Malaysia

    The Mount Jerai known as Gunung Jerai

    Paddy Museum Kedah Malaysia

    pedu lake Kedah

    Lembah Bujang Archaeological Site

    Royal Museum known as the Muzium Diraja

    The Birth House of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

    The Bukit Hijau Recreational Forest

    State Museum (Muzium Negeri)

    There are lots of activities to participate in as well as lots of attractive centers to view. Among all these places, one of the most exciting places to go to is the Pulau Langkawi known as the Jewel of Kedah where you will have a view of the blue sea water which constitutes of beautiful scenery.

    One could have an overview of the entire landmass of Langkawi by taking a ride on the cable car. You will certainly love to eat in this place as there are lots of locally produced dishes most of which are consumed in large quantities by foreigners and locals. Some of these locally produced foods are a jackfruit curry locally known as Gulai Nangka, Sayur Keladi, Pekasam, and Nasi Ulam which happens to be one of the most tantalizing locally made food in Kedah. There are also lots of locally manufactured products and souvenirs sold in Kedah; you could get some for your friends, back home. Kedah has a number of worship centers that are also worth visiting.

    Hotels and Resorts in Kedah

    Aseania Resort Langkawi

    Arsenia Resort Langkawi

    This resort offers an imaginative fairy-like vacation for tourists. You could visualize the unending head over heels relationship between visitors and beaches; the whole love and empathy that come with beaches in relation to its calm and peaceful environs. You would undoubtedly have a great feel of this resort which is situated at Cenang Beach.

    Dayang Bay Serviced Apartment & Resort Langkawi

    Dayang Bay Serviced Apartment & Resort Langkawi

    A temple where peace and placidity get to meet, an entire relaxation land where many crave to visit, this 4 star Shangri-La of Dayang Bay Serviced Apartment & Resort is some 15 minutes drive away from the Langkawi Airport Kuah, and some 2.5km from Dataran Helang or Kuah Jetty, if you are traveling by boat.

    Bayview Langkawi Hotel

    Bayview Langkawi Hotel

    The Bayview Hotel Langkawi is situated in the commercial city of Kuah which is approximately 5 minutes away from ferry boats harbor and 25 minutes from the local airport.

    Langkawi Lagoon Resort

    Langkawi Lagoon Resort

    Ever dreamt of visiting a resort with a haven of comfort and warmth? Then you should visit the Langkawi Lagoon Resort which is an impeccable home of comfort and warmth. The resort constitutes two accommodation options – the Sea View and Junior Suites & Deluxe Hill which are incorporated into the Beach Front Hotel Suites, and the Sea Village which rises above the ocean.

    Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort

    Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort

    The Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa in Langkawi is a universe of indigenous beauty influenced by an ancient Malaysian district along some kilometers of some white sandy beaches. It occupies about 35 acres of land and provides a relaxing atmosphere amidst delightful equatorial environ and a large garden of vegetative flowers.

    Rebak Island Resort

    Rebak Island Resort

    This unique and restricted shelter is situated on an isolated privately owned Rebak Island. It occupies a landmass of 389 acres and is less than 5km away from the whimsical island of Langkawi, Malaysia. Its shady dock offers adequate protection from the various harsh elements from the environment while providing a comfortable environment for you to commune with nature.

    The Danna Resort

    The Danna Resort

    This resort is an excellent reflection of continual affluence, a vacation spot that cuddles against the scenery of nature’s artistry. Danna Resort offers a wide variety of holiday experience, thereby allowing one to discover sovereign pleasure amid an inviting atmosphere while appreciating the incomparable views of the marina bay, white sandy beach, verdant green hills, and the sea. This resort gives one the opportunity to indulge in a classy vacation with some exciting outdoor activities.

    Restaurants in Kedah

    The Cliff Restaurant & Bar

    Address: Lot 63 & 40, Jalan Pantai Cenang,
    07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia
    Tel: (604)9533228

    This classy and unique restaurant offers an entertaining beachside dining experience that is not obtainable elsewhere. The Cliff Restaurant & Bar is indeed a recreational and entertaining center regularly accompanied by some thrilling sea breeze and a fantastic sea view. Meals served in this restaurant are top-notch and fresh. You are also opportune to have a picture of the sun setting during the evening in the presence of your family and friends. There are lots of reasons to pay a visit to this cozy restaurant – either for dining purposes, drinking or even sharing some quality time with friends and family.

    Smoke BBQ Company

    Address: 9, Lebuh Lembah Impiana, Taman Lebah Impiana,
    09000 Kulim, Kedah, Malaysia
    Tel: (604)4930232
    If you are a great fan of international cuisines, then this place is a never miss area while in Malaysia. You will come to experience some of the well prepared foreign cuisines including those of the Thai, Mongolian and Japanese. In addition to this, you are at liberty to preparing your foreign dish through the self-cooking service made available by the restaurant. You will certainly get the best of food qualities while dining in this restaurant along with some thrilling self-made sauces.
    Palm View Seafood Restaurant
    Address: 1584, Pantai Cenang,
    07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia
    Tel: (604)9559008
    Are you a fan of seafood meals, do you prefer eating these seafood dishes in comfortable and relaxing environments? Then this restaurant is an ideal place for you. The Palm View Seafood Restaurant serves well-prepared seafood meals, prepared with locally produced cooking ingredients that will leave you craving for more. Dishes such as BBQ Tiger Prawn, BBQ Lobster, and Shark Fin Soup will leave some outstanding dining memory with an unforgettable taste in you.

    Restaurant Langkawi Sunshine

    Address: Jalan Pandak Mayah 6,
    07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia
    Despite the fact that it looks absolutely simple, this restaurant is poised for providing you with all you ever expect from a standard restaurant. Once you step into this restaurant, you will immediately feel the cozy atmosphere all over the surrounding environment. Local dishes such as Deep Fried Tofu, Tom Yam Bihun, Salted Fish, Fried Rice and lots more are served in this restaurant and at an affordable rate. You will certainly have an unforgettable experience from the taste of these meals.

    Wan Thai Restaurant

    Address: 80-82, Langkawi Mall, Dundung, Jalan Kelibang,
    07000 Kuah, Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia
    Tel: (604)9661214
    The Wan Thai Restaurant is a must-visit for fans of Thai cuisines. One of the outstanding attributes of this restaurant is that it provides numerous varieties of Thai foods. If you have a group of friends or colleagues, you guys can pay a visit to this restaurant in a bid to join their buffet session which comes with exclusive discounts. You will undoubtedly be thrilled at their staff friendly nature.

    Things to do in Kedah


    Langkawi is famous for its ancient landmarks, beaches, and its duty-free commodities. Pantai Cenang and Tanjung Rhu, are among the notable beaches found in this city. It also has an Underwater World where you can also have an extensive view of some marine life.

    Pantai Cenang (Cenang Beach)

    Planning on taking a trip to Langkawi? Then you should also plan on paying a visit to Pantai Cenang. Pantai Cenang is one of the best places to stay at in Langkawi. It comprises of lots of hotels, resorts, and recreational centers. Here, you will be able to locate some upscale resorts and lodges such as the Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort, the Grand Motel and Malibest Resort, and the unique Casa Del Mar boutique hotel.

    Tanjung Rhu Beach

    If you are in need of some privacy while in Langkawi, then you should pick Tanjung Rhu as your landing-place. Located in a private area, Tanjung Rhu is a perfect place for couples seeking for some private time together. Its 2km long beach makes it an ideal destination for couples who wish to spend some good quality time together.

    Pulau Payar Marine Park

    Located in Kedah, the Pulau Payar Marine Park is the oldest Marine Park regulated by the Fisheries Department of Malaysia. Owing to its diversified marine life, it has been tagged one of the best diving places on the west coast of the Peninsular.

    Sedim River Recreation Park

    Are you an outdoorsy type of person? Then the Sedim River Recreation Park is the ideal place for you. The most prolonged tree top walk in the Southeastern parts of Asia is located in this Recreational Park. It allows visitors to have a magnificent view of dynamic river flow where they can participate in the whitewater kayaking.

    Shopping Malls in Kedah

    Alor Star Mall

    Address: G-888, Kawasan Perusahaan Tandop Baru,05400 Alor Star, Kedah Darul Aman.
    Contact: 04 772 9233
    The Store Corp established the Alor Star Mall. Bhd. Some couple of years back in Kedah with the sole purpose of providing customers with the best shopping experience. In addition to its numerous outlets, there are days set aside to entertain customers. Kindly participate in these events if you are opportune to meet any part of it as it will add some wonderful colors to your mall experience. The Alor Star Mall is another cozy and entertaining place to spend your weekends with family and friends.

    Langkawi Parade

    Address: Langkawi Parade A14, Kuah, Kedah, Malaysia
    Contact: 04-966-5017
    If you ever pay a visit to Langkawi, do not fail to stop over at the Langkawi Parade. The Langkawi Parade is one of the most renowned shopping centers in Langkawi. It offers a vast range of stores and outlets for customers to choose from. Lots of prominent brands such as Billabong, Guess and a bunch of others, are also found in this shopping mall. Asides these prominent labels, there are also a wide variety of handmade commodities sold in this mall.

    Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall

    Address: Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall Jalan Persiaran Putera, Kuah, Langkawi
    Contact: 04-9698002
    This Shopping Mall offers approximately 100 outlets thereby creating an outstanding shopping experience. In addition to these, there are numerous numbers of departmental stores and supermarkets which will undoubtedly assist you in fulfilling your day-to-day needs. You can also stop by at the various food courts to take a short meal before proceeding with your shopping.

    Thunder Match Sungai Petani Village Mall

    Address: Jalan Legenda Utama, Lagenda Heights, Sungai Petani
    Contact: 04-4214762
    In need of some technological gadgets and parts, well the Thunder Match Sungai Petani Village Mall is the ideal place to go. At this mall, you are at liberty of comparing prices of electrical gadgets with different shops in a bid to ensure you purchase your product at the best price. If you are pretty lucky, you might stumble upon some IT events being held in the mall, which would be a great platform to explore a good number of your favorite IT products and services.

    Central Square

    Address: Central Square Jalan Kampung Baru, Sungai Petani
    Contact: 04-4211899
    Another wonderful place to visit during the weekends is the Central Square. Located in Sungai Petani Malaysia, this convenient shopping mall ensures that its customers easily come across their needs with its numerous outlets and stores. Asides these, there is a distinguished GSC Cinema in the shopping mall which you and your family can visit to catch a glimpse of some of the most current movies.

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    It seems like there is plenty of great things to see in Kedah. I particularly would like to visit the Buddhist temple


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      Wow, it looks like there is a ton of beautiful resorts around there! The recreational forest looks like something me and my family would enjoy visiting. Also Mount Jerai looks particularly spectacular, I would love to have the chance to visit there and be able to take some nice photographs.


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        Perfect! This is very beautiful and informative.


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          Kedah and Perlis are so attractive to be explored. Their locals are very nice and friendly too.


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            A lot of food variety too ...From Nasi Kandar (Nasi Lemak Royale, Yasmeen, etc) to Laksa Kedah (Laksa Ikan Sekoq), you will fall in love with it ..


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              Gunung Jerai, one of best place for retreat