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A Site to Rent Travel Equipment & Almost Everything ( Save your travel expenses, Why Buy when you can rent?)

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  • A Site to Rent Travel Equipment & Almost Everything ( Save your travel expenses, Why Buy when you can rent?)

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    Why Buy when you can rent?
    We all know that its not necessary to buy things that are not frequently use,
    but somehow we are forced to buy it because we can't find other solution or cannot find somebody else to borrow.
    Especially for travel & trips, some of the equipment like winter clothing, luggage bag, gimbals & cameras.

    You can check out this platform, it helps you to save money and save home spaces from necessary item.

    What is Borobear?
    Borobear is a platform based in Malaysia that helps you find to rent item instead of buying. It connects people who need things, with others in their neighborhood that have it to borrow.
    You also can list your unused items to share with people around. Helping each other & earn some extra pocket money. (Why not right?)

    Currently we are kind of growing our listing and seek for more friends around to join and make this community growth.
    Come and become part of us

    Why Borobear? Here's some benefits of this site
    - Save Money (Only pay for your needs)
    - Security Deposit (No huge upfront deposit needed)
    - Use Better Stuff (Quality stuffs from owners)
    - Smart Verification (Rent with confidence)
    - Save the World (Environment friendly)

    It got a very cool feature called Earnings Calculator,
    you can actually check how much you can earn with your item.

    Steps to Find Your Needs:
    1) Request your needs (
    2) Fill up the form
    3) Get your item

    Steps to Start Listing:
    1) List for free (
    2) Respond to renters
    3) Make money!

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