Hey guys! New here so I hope this is the right place to post this.

I am trying everything to find cheap flights for early November, I want to take my mother on a trip to Southeast Asua. We want to go to Malaysia or Thailand (But open to anywhere with a good deal) Originally, I wanted to book a package that included flights and hotels. (Like Groupon getaways) But I can't find any trips so close to the departure date. So I've decided to just do it ourselves.

I've been using a couple of guides I found online on finding the best flights using Skyscanner and kayak. (I'll link them at the bottom).

But are there other flight search engines I should be using? What are your tips for finding cheap flights? Is it really cheaper to book on Sundays?

Also if anyone knows any Groupon getaway alternatives that would be great!

November coming quick! So any help would be amazing!!!!

Guides I've been using to look for cheap flights? Is this advice good?

I've been having trouble finding cheap flights and wondering what your tips are?